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Families and young people pay the bill for the pension

Today’s eighth-graders will pay an average of € 77,000 more to the statutory pension fund than they receive from old-age benefits. The generation of parents in the pension system is disadvantaged compared to the same age childless. The planned reforms […]

Online Business Loan

It is an online loan for businesses, which allows you to obtain financing for investments. To be able to contract it, it is necessary to have a seniority as a customer of more than 6 months. Simple and immediate hiring, […]

Sleep makes you beautiful

So it’s true: sleep is great! Those who sleep eight hours actually look more attractive and healthier, Swedish scientists have found out . 23 female and male subjects received different doses of sleep. The well-rested with eight hours came off […]

World stroke day: how to reduce the risks?

Among the leading causes of death in France, stroke is what kills women the most. This is the first cause of acquired adult disability and the second leading cause of dementia. On October 29, 2017, the World Day dedicated to […]

Diet Diary: Low Carb

1st week – let’s go! Before I start, I looked at the books on Low Carb and learned what I can eat. Because: At breakfast I have to go fast. Therefore dairy products and egg dishes are ideal for me. […]

The best tips to prevent winter bacon

Tip 1 against winter bacon: Get out into the fresh air Of course, it’s tempting to just linger on the couch in the cold temperatures with a warm blanket. However, that’s not all that good for the slim line. Because […]