Families and young people pay the bill for the pension

Today’s eighth-graders will pay an average of € 77,000 more to the statutory pension fund than they receive from old-age benefits. The generation of parents in the pension system is disadvantaged compared to the same age childless. The planned reforms of the pension of Andrea Nahles do not change this imbalance.

The new pension package is expensive for pensioners and taxpayers. According to the draft law of the Federal Ministry of Labor, the improvements will burden the pension fund and the federal budget by around 2030 with around 160 billion euros. But pension improvements bring benefits especially to older citizens. The whole thing has to pay the young generation of workers. A recent study shows that adolescents born in 2000 will pay around € 77,000 more into the pension fund than they will receive later in the form of pension benefits. Taking into account all social contributions and benefits, as well as taxes and tax-financed measures, a child will contribute around € 50,500 to the state during his lifetime.

Families are systematically disadvantaged in pensions

The new study by the Bertelsmann Foundation investigates how the benefits of mothers and fathers are recognized in the German pension system. The authors come to the conclusion that, despite all family-related benefits, parents are systematically disadvantaged and financially burdened. After all, they contribute not only to the pension of their parent generation through their pension insurance contributions. By raising children, they also ensure the preservation of pension insurance in the future. Nevertheless, they have to handle the associated financial burdens largely alone.

Pension improvements start in the wrong place

The German pension system takes insufficient account of the fact that many mothers and fathers interrupt their employment, at least temporarily, as a result of raising children. As a result, their future pensions are lower. It is true that with the mother’s pension now planned, at least older mothers will be better off. However, this does not change the situation of today’s young families. The author of the study, Martin Werding, even assumes that the disadvantaging of the families in the German pension social system has contributed to the declining birth rate. Previous measures to eliminate the burden on families – such as the introduction of the child care supplement in long-term care insurance – are not enough to improve the situation.

PAYG procedure of the statutory pension insurance

The statutory pension system is based on the so-called pay-as-you-go system. This means that the contributors finance the retirement of today’s pensioners generation. They themselves will later be financially supported by future generations in their old age. This is also called a generation contract.

Young workers pay

However, there will be no radical reform of the pension system with the new reform package. Thus, the young contributors will continue to be disadvantaged. As a rule, they have to make private provision in order to maintain their standard of living with their pension. In order to maintain the German pension system in the long term and to ensure the financial security of contributors in old age, there must be far-reaching changes that go beyond the state subsidy for Rürup-Rente. Many consumers are already unsure how to best prepare for their retirement. For example, without advice on old-age provision, it is difficult for many people to understand whether it is more worthwhile to take out company-based or private retirement plans.

Pension system must be demographic proof

Jörg Dräger, CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation, warns the politicians to make the statutory pension insurance “demography-proof and family-friendly”. But this requires a fundamental reform that goes far beyond the current pension reform package. The study proposes two reform options. The introduction of a child tax allowance such as the tax would relieve the parents financially, since they would have to make fewer contributions without losing future pension rights. The second method would be a three pillar model of basic pension, child pensions and compulsory pension for people raising less than three children. This model would also relieve the burden on families and equate financially with childless people in old age.

Online Business Loan

It is an online loan for businesses, which allows you to obtain financing for investments. To be able to contract it, it is necessary to have a seniority as a customer of more than 6 months.

  • Simple and immediate hiring, without economic documentation.

  • Indicate the money you need, the destination, the return period and we will automatically pay it into your account.

Online Loan Requirements Business :

  • Be a customer and be more than 6 months old.
  • Destinations of the Online Loan Business : general machinery, vehicle, transportation (non-vehicle), real estate, land, rural properties, electronics, IT or other investments.

Type of interest:

  • It is fixed and personalized depending on the amount and the term.
  • The payment of the fee is monthly from the date of enforcement.

Amount and term:

  • The minimum amount you can request is € 3,000 and the maximum € 50,000.
  • The minimum return period is 6 months and maximum 5 years.


  • Commission of personalized opening according to the term. It will be applied only once to the amount contracted.
  • Commission for partial and total early cancellation : 5.00% on the amount canceled.

Assumption for the calculation of the APR:

  • Amount : € 30,000
  • Term: 60 months.
  • Fixed interest rate : 5.55%.
  • Opening fee: € 225 (0.75%).
TIN TAE Monthly fee Total
5.55% 6.02% € 573.73 € 34,423.63


Sleep makes you beautiful

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So it’s true: sleep is great! Those who sleep eight hours actually look more attractive and healthier, Swedish scientists have found out . 23 female and male subjects received different doses of sleep. The well-rested with eight hours came off much better in the evaluation than their tired Mitschläfer with five hours of sleep. Sleep not only makes us more beautiful and makes us look fresher. We also do something good for the health of our body. During sleep, the body has the peace to regenerate and save new energy reserves.

Tips for a heavenly beauty sleep

Who does not know that? We roll back and forth and wake up several times during the night. A restless sleep is anything but relaxing. One-third of our life is spent sleeping. We have useful tips to help you start the day in the morning.

  1. Do not lie down until you get tired. Unnecessary lying in bed only puts you under pressure to fall asleep.
  2. Give your head peace and time to switch off . TV and loud music are not in the bedroom.
  3. If you’re feeling a bit oppressed, do not take it to bed. Try to talk to friends or relatives about it and then go to bed with a clear head.
  4. Ventilate once, please! Stiff air often causes headaches.
  5. Coke and coffee should be avoided 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  6. Avoid greasy and heavy food in the evening. This is still a long time in the stomach and the intestine is working at full speed.
  7. The room temperature is important for our body. It should be between 16 and 20 degrees, so that you can fall asleep without being cold or sweating.
  8. Change your bed linen regularly. This gives a pleasant-fresh feeling. You like to cuddle up!

This is how you look fresh

You have not got enough sleep, but still want to look fresh and radiant today? Then we have just the right beauty tips for you.

For dark circles, Concealer helps with light-reflecting pigments. The acts like a mirror and brightens shadows.

Second Getting help with fatigue provides cold water to the face . This promotes blood circulation, and the skin immediately feels fuller.

So the time in the puerperium is nice and relaxed

Your desired child is in your arms, mom’s biggest pride is finally here. The time after birth can still bring the first hurdles. Read here how the puerperium becomes a relaxed get-together for mom and baby.

Healing of birth injuries

If you had a caesarean section or were injured by the birth, you should take special care. The puerperium is not without reason puerperium. Here the newly minted mother is supposed to rest and heal her wounds. Let your husband, mother-in-law, midwife or girlfriend take care of you. Accept this help with a clear conscience, you have more than earned it after the hardships!

Cuddling time and proximity

The puerperium is also meant for mom and baby to get used to each other. This is called “bonding”. You can also put your baby in between times also simply times naked on your also bare belly. Not only your baby will enjoy the close body contact!

The right food

If you are breastfeeding, you need a particularly nutrient-rich diet. Because your body needs about 600 calories more a day! Be careful to avoid bulking or spicy foods. These can lead to flatulence or soreness in your offspring. But even if you bottle, you need good food to regain your strength. Leave your husband at the stove or ask your family to help you. Also, the delivery service can occasionally deliver (healthy) food. Sushi and Co. are finally allowed after the end of the pregnancy!

Baby blues and emotional chaos

A birth is an intense experience and the first time with baby can also overwhelm. That’s why some women suffer from baby blues shortly after birth. This is also due to the extreme hormone cocktail caused by the end of pregnancy and the beginning of milk production. Do not press yourself to be as happy as possible because your baby is here. Nobody will doubt that you love your baby with all your heart, but if you are permanently bad, you should consult a doctor.

World stroke day: how to reduce the risks?

Among the leading causes of death in France, stroke is what kills women the most. This is the first cause of acquired adult disability and the second leading cause of dementia. On October 29, 2017, the World Day dedicated to it marks the opportunity to review its main characteristics, while recalling the preventive measures that can be taken to avoid the worst.

More oxygen in the cells

Specifically, stroke occurs when blood flow to or into the brain is interrupted by a blocked blood vessel (ischemic stroke or cerebral infarction) or when a bleeding blood vessel burst (haemorrhagic or hemorrhagic stroke). hematoma) in the brain. As a result, cells no longer receive the oxygen and nutrients they need to function normally. Some are damaged, others die.

Sudden first symptoms

The first symptoms of stroke are usually sudden and appear only on one side: paralysis, weakness or numbness of a part of the body, deformity of the mouth, difficulty speaking, loss of vision of an eye , disorders of balance, headache difficult to sustain and unusual.
Risk factors can cause the accident. Among them: smoking, sedentary lifestyle, cholesterol, poor diet in the long term, a high waist-to-hip ratio, excessive alcohol consumption but also psycho-social factors such as stress and depression.

Stop smoking and sedentary lifestyle

“80% of strokes could be avoided by better controlling these risk factors , ” says the French Neurovascular Society (SFNV) in a statement. Hence the need to make known preventive measures to keep in mind. The association lists five: monitor your blood pressure, eat healthy, control your cholesterol (with a report every five years), engage in physical activity and stop smoking.

Diet Diary: Low Carb

1st week – let’s go!

Before I start, I looked at the books on Low Carb and learned what I can eat. Because: At breakfast I have to go fast. Therefore dairy products and egg dishes are ideal for me. For that I always buy 500 g-cups of skim quark and yoghurt (0.1% fat), with granular cream cheese the 200 g-cup. In addition, you may especially like to eat berries, my favorite fruits! You can spice it up perfectly with the dairy products.
At lunchtime it’s not that easy for us, it has to be fast. We do not have a canteen where I can pick something out. For me salads are ideal, either I prepare them before and I finalize them in the editorial. Or dairy products with vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber.
In the evening I cook, usually roasted vegetables with meat or fish, preferably Asian tastes (soy sauce, ginger, chilli flakes) or go eat and pick the right thing.

Day 1: happy, not feeling hungry

In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g), with lots of freshly chopped herbs (chives) and pepper seasoned. You can also take along great, herbs on it, covered with cling film and in the bag.
Lunch: 1 cup of granular cream cheese, with ½ cucumber (peeled and diced) and mixed.
Evening: Press appointment, that’s not so easy, but worked, the menu was made for me! Small portions! Otherwise, I let such appointments whiz at the moment … Artichoke salad, wild salmon with salad filling and Jerusalem artichoke sauce (pureed) eaten. I have omitted the dessert.

Day 2: happy to meet with friends

Mornings: ½ cup cream cheese spoonful (225 g)
Noon: 1 Green Smoothie 400 ml, which I have repeatedly filled with water. Inbetween some vegetables gnabbert (1/2 pepper, 1 carrot)
In the evening: out of the house. I had a date with two friends, the great thing about this diet, you do not have to cancel everything, looked at the menu: everything with pasta, rice and potatoes falls away or you order instead of a little more vegetables. I had marinated a super delicious oven root vegetables, on parsley salad prepared, to confetti duck. The other two: steak fries, of course that was not, but did not do anything, I thought mine was better anyway…

Day 3: happy, I love fish!

Light and tasty! The chili salmon with asparagus is one of Kerstin’s favorite recipes during the diet. Here is the free recipe.

Morning: fried egg, fried from both sides. Fry pan with a little olive oil. Herbs, salt and pepper over it, done.
Lunch: ½ cup of cream cheese (lean, 225 g) with a handful of cherry tomatoes, nibbled to it
In the evening: frozen fish: chili salmon with zucchini (instead of asparagus) . Slice the zucchini in a pan sprinkled with olive oil. Add a little water, salt, pepper. Serve with the salmon.

Day 4: happy, the 1st kilo is gone

In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g), with parsley and pepper
Lunch: 100 g smoked trout fillet with ½ cucumber (peeled, sliced ​​and with 2 tablespoons yogurt (0.1% fat) and chopped dill, salt, pepper.
Evening: avocado with tomatoes. 1 avocado (I love avocados), in columns, 1 handful of cherry tomatoes (halved), with some light balsamic and finely chopped basil

Day 5: happy, no abandonment of favorite salad

In the morning: Herb scrambled egg made of 2 eggs, pan with a little olive oil, plus 5 cherry tomatoes
Lunch: Photo session, no time to eat … In between, quickly 1 cup of yogurt (500 g 0.1% fat) and 100 g trout fillet (smoked)
Evening: My favorite salad Caesars Salad , of course no croutons, with 1 fried chicken breast instead of tuna.

Related image

Day 6: Happy, Asian awesome!

Mornings: 250 g of strawberries (remains of a photo production) eaten with ½ cup granular cream cheese (100 g)
Lunch: Shopping, bought 1 detox smoothie (cucumber, lettuce, celery, 400 ml). Plus at home: 1 avocado, halved, seasoned with salt, pepper, spooned
Evening: I’m going to eat! With my sister at the Asian, who cooks authentic Chinese. Then I ordered chicken with ginger and coriander, with bamboo and bean sprouts, without rice. The dish is not that bad, perfect. Then you do not miss the rice.

Day 7: something sad, beloved duck-eating …

Morning: 250 g of strawberries with ½ cup of 0.1% fat yogurt (250 g) eaten Ketogenic diet
Lunch: ½ cup of yoghurt (0.1% fat, 250 g)
In the evening: out of the house. That was hard! We had arranged to eat duck weeks ago and reserved. I could have omitted the mashed potatoes, red cabbage was also sweetened, but the duck is then too fat and the sauce !!! So I ate tuna with sesame and lime dressing and salmon sashimi with truffle foam. It was tasty, but the others had duck …

Day 8: a little belly pinching, a sweet tooth!

Again time to weigh – result: again minus 200 g
Morning: ½ cup cream cheese (lean, 225 g)
Lunch: Training – there were sandwiches, I ate of 2 rolls the topping, 5 slices of turkey breast and cooked ham (puff, with salad and cucumber). Then the rest ½ cup cream cheese (225 g). In the afternoon for coffee I would like to have a biscuit! But only coffee with milk drunk. A little bloated stomach and appetite for something sweet!
Evening: Hand cheese (Harzer) 2 taler with ½ bunch of radish (finely diced) and 1 tbsp chives, 1 dash of balsamic vinegar, pepper

Image result for salmon spaghetti

Day 9: happy, I love fish!

Morning: ½ cup cream cheese, lean (225 g), mixed with 100 g TK berries
Lunch: scrambled egg from 2 eggs with 1 braised carrot (in thin slices) and 2 tomatoes (quarters)
In the evening: 2 wild salmon pieces with carrots, as “spaghetti”, stewed in a little olive oil, 1 teaspoon pine nuts, have more appetite for fish than for meat!

Day 10: was ok, on the way on photo production (cheesecake – fierce, not to taste!)

In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g) with dill
Lunch: ordered from the Indian, I: Chicken Tandoori pieces with salad of cucumber, white cabbage and red cabbage
Evening: smoked trout with cucumber slices and dill, splash of lemon juice

Day 11: happy, lots of vegetables!

In the morning on the scales: another 1.3 pounds removed! Total: minus 2.3 kilos
In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g) with chives
Lunch: Oven-winter vegetables (colorful carrots, pumpkin, parsnip) with ¼ poulard (eaten without skin)
In the evening: leftovers from the oven vegetables eaten

Day 12: ok, pasta is taboo! (Photo production “Pasta” – crap, may not try again)

Morning: fried egg from 1 egg with herbs and 5 cherry tomatoes (braised)
Lunch: Algae salad bought, greased with ¾ cucumber chopped cilantro and a splash of lime juice. 100 g of Graved Salmon eaten (the colleagues ate the pasta …)
In the evening: ½ mozzarella with 2 tomatoes and basil, drizzled with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Day 13: Happy, Mozzi-Tomato always leaves!

Mornings: 2 fried eggs sprinkled with parsley
Lunch: Carrot noodles with 1 chicken breast fillet with 1 large carrot (as pasta spirals), 1 handful of bean sprouts and fresh coriander, seasoned with soy sauce
In the evening: ½ mozzarella with 2 tomatoes, drizzled with 1 teaspoon olive oil, had left something of yesterday

Image result for asian soup

Day 14: happy, fancy Asian spices

Morning: ½ cup granular cream cheese plus 75 g raspberries
Lunch: 1 miso soup, broth with ½ tsp miso paste, with tofu, sprouts, coriander
In the evening: out of the house – chicken soup (about 1 chicken breast filet) with 1 pak choi, coriander

Day 15: a bit disappointed, only 100 g less

After two weeks: a total of minus 2.6 kilos !!
Morning: ½ cup cream cheese (lean, 225 g) with 75 g raspberries
Lunch: ½ cup cream cheese (lean, 225 g) with 75 g raspberries
In the evening: scrambled eggs from 2 eggs, dill, 100 g Büsumer crabs

My conclusion:
For me, the diet was ideal. Had during the whole time no feeling of hunger, sometimes just wanting something sweet. But since you did not feel hungry, you did not become weak. Since I like to eat out, this form of diet was just right for me, I like to go out to eat and I was able to do a great job on this diet.

These variants of breast surgery are available

Breast and face are the main fields of action of aesthetic plastic surgery

In the ranks of aesthetic plastic surgery, it’s all about the chest, stomach and face. The liposuction ranked in this group with 8.6 percent in the first rank, the tummy tuck shows in the statistics 4.5 percent. On the face, the upper eyelid tightening (8.4 percent) before the lip correction (6.1 percent) and the neck / forehead / facelift is 5.7 percent before the rhinoplasty (4.4 percent) and the lower eyelid tightening. At breast treatments, breast augmentations are performed using implants (8.4 percent). Breast reductions (4.2 percent) and breast lifts (3.3 percent) follow. Which options and possibilities exist to model the breast surgically, betrays this contribution. A cost and physician comparison for breast surgery can be viewed online.

1. Breast augmentation – with implants or autologous fat
In order to optimize your own breast tissue so that the breast fits your own body awareness , there are two options: either breast augmentation with implants or with autologous fat. The advantage of the autologous fat treatment is that there is no foreign body in the body after the procedure. The risk of capsule hardening is excluded, the risk of infection decreases. Also in terms of feeling many women report that they have a “natural” feeling after breast augmentation, because the body’s own substances were implanted. However, there is a small downer: A cup size is the maximum, which makes a breast augmentation with autologous fat possible. Also, the fatty tissue in the body can degrade again. Anyone who chooses artificial implants will rely on models with saline solution or silicone gel . 80 milliliters to 600 milliliters may include an implant.

2. Different cutting procedures distinguish the breast reduction
The specialist who performs the breast reduction decides on one of these cutting techniques in view of the size and the anatomy of the breast.

  • The T-cut begins at the nipple forecourt and goes down. A horizontal cut is made under the breast. In the T-method (which can also be found as a Strömbeck or anchor method in the medical literature), a t-shaped scar is formed. Although this method is now considered the standard method, it also has disadvantages. The procedure may disturb the sensibility and functionality of the nipple.
  • A further development of this method is the so-called L method. The cut does not take place in a T-shape, but in the form of an L. The horizontal cut thus takes place in one direction, not two. The advantage is that the scar is much smaller.
  • The mushroom method is similar with regard to the cutting technique. After cutting around the areola, a vertical cut is made. Then, however, in the mushroom method (also lejour, I or vertical method), the breast is contracted below the nipple. The downside: It will take several months for the skin to contract on its own.
  • In the Benelli method (also called O method), there are only minimal scars. This is because only below the nipple atrium is cut. This operation variant brings with it restrictions. Only a small amount of tissue can be removed. A streamlining is not possible. In this method too, the incision is contracted again after the procedure.

3. These three variants of the breast lift are possible
Especially for the reduction of excess skin, there are almost innumerable cutting methods. Common is the displacement of the nipple up and the reduction of the nipple forecourt. Without dislocation of the nipple, this procedure is only possible if the breasts hang only slightly or large implants are to be used in the second step.
Increasingly more often, breast removal by removing excess skin is aimed at modeling the skin, fascia and muscles, which together act as an integrated bra to prevent renewed slackening and sagging of the breast. Alternatively, it is also possible to tighten the breasts directly in the course of a breast reduction. In this case, the desired effect is achieved, in which mainly glandular tissue is removed.

The opposite way is conceivable. Implants are used to tighten a breast or refill the tissue once filled with a full breast. This intervention is usual in two steps. First, the chest is tightened. Then she lowers. Subsequently, implants are used.

Sports on medical prescription: a muscular approach!

Image result for healthy living

“Move more”, “eat healthy” … These messages are inviting each day a little more in our daily lives and try to challenge us. Still to put them into practice. A more sedentary population than ever, chronic diseases more and more frequent … The promotion of physical activity has become a major axis of public health.

Medical coaches?

Physical activity is beneficial from every point of view, both preventive and curative. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, doctors have made it their creed. To the point of becoming sports coaches the time of an appointment? Since 2016, they have been empowered to prescribe physical activity for their patients with long-term chronic disease (ALD) adapted to their state of health. However, the beneficial effects of sport in case of serious illness are insufficiently known to health professionals. They have few tools to help them conduct a targeted medical consultation and estimate the real risk associated with physical activity.

A guide to the HAS

Faced with this observation, the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) unveiled, in October 2018, a guide to accompany them in this approach … muscular. It offers various resources: general knowledge on physical activity and health impacts, conducted through a consultation, evaluation grids to measure the cardiovascular risk of patients, guidelines to help prescribe an activity for those affected. one of the following six conditions: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), stable coronary artery disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension (hypertension) and stroke.

Image result for sports

Sport, a therapeutic tool

The key is to go at your own pace, depending on your abilities and needs. The benefit-risk balance is largely in favor of sport. The doctor should target activities of daily life such as walking, cycling or stairs, which have the merit of being free and easily practicable. The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates ” 2:30 of activity intensity at least moderate per week “, divided into three to five sessions. A slight breathlessness and a bit of perspiration are a guarantee of optimal effort. Activity rhymes with regularity! To preserve the benefits, there is no question of making a break; two months of inactivity would make them disappear.

Go further…

With this first work, the HAS contributes to the implementation of the government policy to promote physical activity on prescription. The public authorities are currently working on defining a model to facilitate the development throughout France of this practice. The aim is to integrate them into coordinated health care programs, involving different actors in health and physical activity under the supervision of the attending physician. The HAS intends to continue its work and publish new standards for other situations: cancers, chronic heart failure, depression, the elderly and the pregnant woman. The publication of this work is scheduled for 2019.

The best tips to prevent winter bacon

Image result for working out during winter

Tip 1 against winter bacon: Get out into the fresh air

Of course, it’s tempting to just linger on the couch in the cold temperatures with a warm blanket. However, that’s not all that good for the slim line. Because when we move a little, our body also burns fewer calories. This means that the gingerbread will deposit on our hips with full force. Therefore: scarf out, coat on and off to the fresh air! Autumn and winter also have their nice sides. Take a long walk and collect chestnuts or colorful leaves. So you get your circulation going and have nice souvenirs to decorate your home.

Tip 2 against winter bacon: The good, old sports program

Let’s be honest: we all know that sport is good for our bodies – and that, in addition to giving us a crunchy body. Exercise and endurance sports boost our circulation and ensure better blood circulation. Incidentally, this also has positive effects on our skin, which has a rosy and fresh effect.

Those who combine endurance sports with muscle building can even benefit twice: muscle tissue is responsible for making our body look firmer and feeling better, and muscles burn more fat than other types of tissue. This means: If you have a lot of Muckis, you may even occasionally reach into the cookie jar twice. However, you should be careful to use high-quality sports equipment , inferior products, the risk of injury is simply too high.

Tip 3 against winter bacon: Other delights

Enjoyment does not always have to be synonymous with sweet or fat foods. How about, for example, a long, hot bath and relaxing music? Or you can light fragrant scented candles and enjoy a few minutes break with a good book. Maybe enjoyment is something completely different for you, then make it your substitute for sweets, such as a visit to the sauna or an extended massage. Whatever it may be, you should prefer to put it in the bag of chips, as it sooner or later guarantees that you will gain weight.

Incidentally, there is evidence that relaxation helps us eat healthier and have fewer food cravings. Yet another reason for us to take a break now and then.

Tip 4 against winter bacon: Put on spices

Did you know that certain spices and odors can help you stay slim? The reason is plausible: Our hunger center, which is located in the brain, is connected to our olfactory center. This circumstance can be exploited: very specific odors that we receive via our olfactory center send a saturation signal to our brain. The result: we have less appetite. Either general or certain foods. The scent of vanilla, especially as highly concentrated vanilla oil, may help us to have less appetite for sweets. It is best to drip a few drops on a cloth and sniff it when you get hungry.

Incidentally, cocoa oil and jasmine are also similar. Peppermint oil is said to help stimulate the appetite for healthy food. This is also very desirable if you want to protect yourself from flab.

Tip 5 against winter bacon: Nibble consciously

Presumably, you will not go through the entire pre-Christmas period, without nibbling every now and then – that would be inhumane. After all, the Christmas treats and one or the other visit to the Christmas market for winter and then you should also enjoy it. In this case, you should do it consciously. So do not just eat your waffle with hot cherries in between, but focus on it and enjoy it consciously and, above all, eat slowly. You will see that you will be less nibbling.

Tip 6 against winter bacon: Sleep well

In autumn and winter our body has an increased need for rest and sleep anyway. If you want to stay slim , you should treat it to it – and for several reasons. For those who sleep too little over a longer period of time signal to their bodies that hard times are imminent or that they are already in them. The result: Energy must come, after all, the body must cope with the increased demands. And the energy comes naturally from the food. The problem: lack of sleep does not tell us if we really need more energy. However, our body assumes and sends appropriate signals to our hunger center.

In addition, the sleep rhythm also seems to play a role. Early risers consume more than 200 calories less a day than late risers. The reasons for this have not yet been finally clarified. By the way, very long sleep does not mean that you automatically lose weight. Those who spend too much of their time burn less energy than their contemporaries, who sleep only 8 hours.
In short, when sleeping, as with most other things, a healthy mediocrity is usually a good way – also to prevent winter bacon.

Taboo topic sperm donor

Cabin 1 is busy. In the waiting room of the sperm bank Cryos International, red lights indicate in which of the three rooms a sperm donor is doing his job. At about three square feet, between porno books, TV and sink. When the men have dispensed their cups and the fee – about 25 euros – have plugged, brings a co-worker the sperm donation to the laboratory. Under the microscope, she estimates the number of sperm. From the container in which the seed is frozen, liquid nitrogen is evaporated. What men produce in the brick building in the Danish town of Aarhus is ordered by women from all over the world. Danish seed banks lead the global market of artificial insemination, Cryos is the largest according to founder Ole Schou (58).

Danes donors remain anonymous

The fact that many Danish men – like the hero of the movie comedy “Starbuck” (start: August 16) – have children all over the world is due to the liberal laws of their country. Unlike in Germany, here also singles and lesbian women are treated in fertility clinics. And unlike ours and in many other European countries, men in Denmark are allowed to donate anonymously, greatly increasing their willingness. But anonymity also means that children have no chance to get to know the donor. Many find this blank space painful in their biography. Ole Schou says: “Without us, the women would get the semen in a different way – and get some diseases. Or they were childless. “

More and more singles are ordering seeds

About half of the customers are couples where the man is infertile. Ten percent are lesbian couples, 40 percent single women. Their share is growing the most, says Schou. They all can choose between the blue-eyed, slender blond, the muscular dark-haired, and many others. Donor “Zellel” says he looks a bit like Matt Damon. There are economists, electricians, musicians. Cryos has 600 men in the database, most of them students. Cheap seeds are available from 40 Europro dose, for better quality pays up to 450 euros: This costs a donation with extra many, very mobile sperm, which increases the chances of pregnancy. There are also 169 euros for shipping in a nitrogen container. Before becoming head of the world’s largest seed bank, Schou studied economics. One night, there was a strange dream of frozen sperm.

Cum in mom’s ice cube tray

The picture did not let him go. He researched and experimented. Las at the university Fachartikelund put his own sperm in the sample of ice cubes of his mother. “She was quite angry and asked if I had gone crazy,” says Schou and laughs. Founded in 1987, Cryos (Greek for “ice cream”) initially started cycling through the pedestrian zone in search of donors. He hung posters, addressed men. Today it has 35 employees and delivers to 70 countries. But he never sold his own sperm, says the gaunt two-meter man with gray temples and grins. The quality is just not good enough.