¾ of Czechs want to return newlywed loans

According to a Bankil survey, the vast majority of Czechs want the return of soft loans for newlyweds. Only 7% of people are against and positive trend is confirmed by current interest in similar products. The return of the newlywed loans was proposed by the Ministry of Labor at the end of last year, and a similar effort is being made by some political parties.  

The return of soft loans for young families began to take on more realistic shapes at the end of last year. In his family policy concept, the Ministry of Labor came with him and was supported by the Ministry of Finance. Although this concept, including the loan proposal, is likely to be decided by the next government, it is already clear that people are interested in similar products.

Hit the jackpot

Hit the jackpot

The Bankil survey among 525 respondents showed that the vast majority of Czechs would acknowledge the return of the Honeymoon loan. For almost three quarters of respondents, regardless of their education. At the age of 45 and over, loans for newlyweds have even over 80% of supporters.

“ In practice, newlyweds most often use such loans to reconstruct housing, purchase a family car, or nurseries, ” says Kyle Manuer, Bankil Sales and Marketing Director.

Not only for newlyweds

Not only for newlyweds

But newlyweds are not the only group of people who, according to Czechs, deserve more favorable loan conditions. 30% of respondents, especially between the ages of 30 and 40, would most welcome soft loans for spouses in general. Significant support was also obtained for more advantageous loans for unmarried couples.

“Czechs take loans in pairs without special state programs. Due to better conditions and lower risk, we registered two applicants for 40% of granted loans last year, ” says Manuer.

Instead of partner couples, a third of respondents would prefer to favor loans for groups of individuals. Most frequently mentioned was a student loan, which was expected to have the greatest demand in people under 26 years. 12% of respondents would most welcome soft loans for single mothers. A tenth then opted for senior soft loans.  

Which of the other soft loan proposals would you most like to see?


Marital loans (advantage for married couples) 29.5
Partner loans (advantage for unmarried couples) 20.2
Student loans (advantage for students) 12.0
Discounted loans for single mothers 11.8
Senior loans (retirement benefits) 10.1
Other 2.1
None 14.3


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