1st week – let’s go!

Before I start, I looked at the books on Low Carb and learned what I can eat. Because: At breakfast I have to go fast. Therefore dairy products and egg dishes are ideal for me. For that I always buy 500 g-cups of skim quark and yoghurt (0.1% fat), with granular cream cheese the 200 g-cup. In addition, you may especially like to eat berries, my favorite fruits! You can spice it up perfectly with the dairy products.
At lunchtime it’s not that easy for us, it has to be fast. We do not have a canteen where I can pick something out. For me salads are ideal, either I prepare them before and I finalize them in the editorial. Or dairy products with vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber.
In the evening I cook, usually roasted vegetables with meat or fish, preferably Asian tastes (soy sauce, ginger, chilli flakes) or go eat and pick the right thing.

Day 1: happy, not feeling hungry

In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g), with lots of freshly chopped herbs (chives) and pepper seasoned. You can also take along great, herbs on it, covered with cling film and in the bag.
Lunch: 1 cup of granular cream cheese, with ½ cucumber (peeled and diced) and mixed.
Evening: Press appointment, that’s not so easy, but worked, the menu was made for me! Small portions! Otherwise, I let such appointments whiz at the moment … Artichoke salad, wild salmon with salad filling and Jerusalem artichoke sauce (pureed) eaten. I have omitted the dessert.

Day 2: happy to meet with friends

Mornings: ½ cup cream cheese spoonful (225 g)
Noon: 1 Green Smoothie 400 ml, which I have repeatedly filled with water. Inbetween some vegetables gnabbert (1/2 pepper, 1 carrot)
In the evening: out of the house. I had a date with two friends, the great thing about this diet, you do not have to cancel everything, looked at the menu: everything with pasta, rice and potatoes falls away or you order instead of a little more vegetables. I had marinated a super delicious oven root vegetables, on parsley salad prepared, to confetti duck. The other two: steak fries, of course that was not, but did not do anything, I thought mine was better anyway…

Day 3: happy, I love fish!

Light and tasty! The chili salmon with asparagus is one of Kerstin’s favorite recipes during the diet. Here is the free recipe.

Morning: fried egg, fried from both sides. Fry pan with a little olive oil. Herbs, salt and pepper over it, done.
Lunch: ½ cup of cream cheese (lean, 225 g) with a handful of cherry tomatoes, nibbled to it
In the evening: frozen fish: chili salmon with zucchini (instead of asparagus) . Slice the zucchini in a pan sprinkled with olive oil. Add a little water, salt, pepper. Serve with the salmon.

Day 4: happy, the 1st kilo is gone

In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g), with parsley and pepper
Lunch: 100 g smoked trout fillet with ½ cucumber (peeled, sliced ​​and with 2 tablespoons yogurt (0.1% fat) and chopped dill, salt, pepper.
Evening: avocado with tomatoes. 1 avocado (I love avocados), in columns, 1 handful of cherry tomatoes (halved), with some light balsamic and finely chopped basil

Day 5: happy, no abandonment of favorite salad

In the morning: Herb scrambled egg made of 2 eggs, pan with a little olive oil, plus 5 cherry tomatoes
Lunch: Photo session, no time to eat … In between, quickly 1 cup of yogurt (500 g 0.1% fat) and 100 g trout fillet (smoked)
Evening: My favorite salad Caesars Salad , of course no croutons, with 1 fried chicken breast instead of tuna.

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Day 6: Happy, Asian awesome!

Mornings: 250 g of strawberries (remains of a photo production) eaten with ½ cup granular cream cheese (100 g)
Lunch: Shopping, bought 1 detox smoothie (cucumber, lettuce, celery, 400 ml). Plus at home: 1 avocado, halved, seasoned with salt, pepper, spooned
Evening: I’m going to eat! With my sister at the Asian, who cooks authentic Chinese. Then I ordered chicken with ginger and coriander, with bamboo and bean sprouts, without rice. The dish is not that bad, perfect. Then you do not miss the rice.

Day 7: something sad, beloved duck-eating …

Morning: 250 g of strawberries with ½ cup of 0.1% fat yogurt (250 g) eaten Ketogenic diet
Lunch: ½ cup of yoghurt (0.1% fat, 250 g)
In the evening: out of the house. That was hard! We had arranged to eat duck weeks ago and reserved. I could have omitted the mashed potatoes, red cabbage was also sweetened, but the duck is then too fat and the sauce !!! So I ate tuna with sesame and lime dressing and salmon sashimi with truffle foam. It was tasty, but the others had duck …

Day 8: a little belly pinching, a sweet tooth!

Again time to weigh – result: again minus 200 g
Morning: ½ cup cream cheese (lean, 225 g)
Lunch: Training – there were sandwiches, I ate of 2 rolls the topping, 5 slices of turkey breast and cooked ham (puff, with salad and cucumber). Then the rest ½ cup cream cheese (225 g). In the afternoon for coffee I would like to have a biscuit! But only coffee with milk drunk. A little bloated stomach and appetite for something sweet!
Evening: Hand cheese (Harzer) 2 taler with ½ bunch of radish (finely diced) and 1 tbsp chives, 1 dash of balsamic vinegar, pepper

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Day 9: happy, I love fish!

Morning: ½ cup cream cheese, lean (225 g), mixed with 100 g TK berries
Lunch: scrambled egg from 2 eggs with 1 braised carrot (in thin slices) and 2 tomatoes (quarters)
In the evening: 2 wild salmon pieces with carrots, as “spaghetti”, stewed in a little olive oil, 1 teaspoon pine nuts, have more appetite for fish than for meat!

Day 10: was ok, on the way on photo production (cheesecake – fierce, not to taste!)

In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g) with dill
Lunch: ordered from the Indian, I: Chicken Tandoori pieces with salad of cucumber, white cabbage and red cabbage
Evening: smoked trout with cucumber slices and dill, splash of lemon juice

Day 11: happy, lots of vegetables!

In the morning on the scales: another 1.3 pounds removed! Total: minus 2.3 kilos
In the morning: 1 cup of granular cream cheese (200 g) with chives
Lunch: Oven-winter vegetables (colorful carrots, pumpkin, parsnip) with ¼ poulard (eaten without skin)
In the evening: leftovers from the oven vegetables eaten

Day 12: ok, pasta is taboo! (Photo production “Pasta” – crap, may not try again)

Morning: fried egg from 1 egg with herbs and 5 cherry tomatoes (braised)
Lunch: Algae salad bought, greased with ¾ cucumber chopped cilantro and a splash of lime juice. 100 g of Graved Salmon eaten (the colleagues ate the pasta …)
In the evening: ½ mozzarella with 2 tomatoes and basil, drizzled with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Day 13: Happy, Mozzi-Tomato always leaves!

Mornings: 2 fried eggs sprinkled with parsley
Lunch: Carrot noodles with 1 chicken breast fillet with 1 large carrot (as pasta spirals), 1 handful of bean sprouts and fresh coriander, seasoned with soy sauce
In the evening: ½ mozzarella with 2 tomatoes, drizzled with 1 teaspoon olive oil, had left something of yesterday

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Day 14: happy, fancy Asian spices

Morning: ½ cup granular cream cheese plus 75 g raspberries
Lunch: 1 miso soup, broth with ½ tsp miso paste, with tofu, sprouts, coriander
In the evening: out of the house – chicken soup (about 1 chicken breast filet) with 1 pak choi, coriander

Day 15: a bit disappointed, only 100 g less

After two weeks: a total of minus 2.6 kilos !!
Morning: ½ cup cream cheese (lean, 225 g) with 75 g raspberries
Lunch: ½ cup cream cheese (lean, 225 g) with 75 g raspberries
In the evening: scrambled eggs from 2 eggs, dill, 100 g Büsumer crabs

My conclusion:
For me, the diet was ideal. Had during the whole time no feeling of hunger, sometimes just wanting something sweet. But since you did not feel hungry, you did not become weak. Since I like to eat out, this form of diet was just right for me, I like to go out to eat and I was able to do a great job on this diet.