When the summer and its warm temperatures have finally passed, our skin has to get back to winter. Due to the strong temperature fluctuations and the dry heating air, she responds quickly irritated and we are struggling with redness . It is now important to have the right care to make it easier for our skin to get into winter.

More moisture during day care!

You do not know which facial care is right for you ? We have tips and tricks for every skin type.

For protection from the cold, our skin needs more moisture than in summer. Therefore, start by changing your day care to richer products. Pay attention to your skin type and choose a stronger day cream accordingly. Due to the higher fat content of the creams, they prevent a tightening of the skin and the associated unpleasant feeling.
Especially through the dry heating air in closed rooms our skin dries out. Here it is important that they dispense not only with a moisturizing facial care and largely on products with an alcohol content, as these only dry out and strain the skin.

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The scrub is your new best friend

Peels are often considered to be particularly dehydrating – that’s not true! You should use regularly in both summer and winter, as they significantly contribute to skin renewal. Our skin is cleansed pore-deep and can thus absorb moisture better. This is especially important in winter – so do not be shy!
Also take care with the peels on mild ingredients to spare your skin unnecessary stress.

Put on lukewarm water

Admittedly, we all prefer to get under the hot shower at sometimes really unbearably cold winter days, at least to warm ourselves up in between times. Unfortunately, the hotter the water, the more the skin dries out . So try to get used to lukewarm water while showering, your skin will thank you. And there is a good thing: after that, you are guaranteed to wake up and start your day full of energy!

Not only the face wants to be cared for

Neck and décolleté are often neglected in skin care. Skin aging in these areas becomes particularly visible. Try to pamper the skin thoroughly when applying creams and peels. Incidentally, a light sunscreen is also recommended in winter in the décolleté, as wrinkles caused by excessive exposure to the sun are particularly frequent here.