Online Business Loan

It is an online loan for businesses, which allows you to obtain financing for investments. To be able to contract it, it is necessary to have a seniority as a customer of more than 6 months.

  • Simple and immediate hiring, without economic documentation.
  • Indicate the money you need, the destination, the return period and we will automatically pay it into your account.

Online Loan Requirements Business :

  • Be a customer and be more than 6 months old.
  • Destinations of the Online Loan Business : general machinery, vehicle, transportation (non-vehicle), real estate, land, rural properties, electronics, IT or other investments.

Type of interest:

  • It is fixed and personalized depending on the amount and the term.
  • The payment of the fee is monthly from the date of enforcement.

Amount and term:

  • The minimum amount you can request is € 3,000 and the maximum € 50,000.
  • The minimum return period is 6 months and maximum 5 years.


  • Commission of personalized opening according to the term. It will be applied only once to the amount contracted.
  • Commission for partial and total early cancellation : 5.00% on the amount canceled.

Assumption for the calculation of the APR:

  • Amount : € 30,000
  • Term: 60 months.
  • Fixed interest rate : 5.55%.
  • Opening fee: € 225 (0.75%).
TIN TAE Monthly fee Total
5.55% 6.02% € 573.73 € 34,423.63


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