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So it’s true: sleep is great! Those who sleep eight hours actually look more attractive and healthier, Swedish scientists have found out . 23 female and male subjects received different doses of sleep. The well-rested with eight hours came off much better in the evaluation than their tired Mitschläfer with five hours of sleep. Sleep not only makes us more beautiful and makes us look fresher. We also do something good for the health of our body. During sleep, the body has the peace to regenerate and save new energy reserves.

Tips for a heavenly beauty sleep

Who does not know that? We roll back and forth and wake up several times during the night. A restless sleep is anything but relaxing. One-third of our life is spent sleeping. We have useful tips to help you start the day in the morning.

  1. Do not lie down until you get tired. Unnecessary lying in bed only puts you under pressure to fall asleep.
  2. Give your head peace and time to switch off . TV and loud music are not in the bedroom.
  3. If you’re feeling a bit oppressed, do not take it to bed. Try to talk to friends or relatives about it and then go to bed with a clear head.
  4. Ventilate once, please! Stiff air often causes headaches.
  5. Coke and coffee should be avoided 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  6. Avoid greasy and heavy food in the evening. This is still a long time in the stomach and the intestine is working at full speed.
  7. The room temperature is important for our body. It should be between 16 and 20 degrees, so that you can fall asleep without being cold or sweating.
  8. Change your bed linen regularly. This gives a pleasant-fresh feeling. You like to cuddle up!

This is how you look fresh

You have not got enough sleep, but still want to look fresh and radiant today? Then we have just the right beauty tips for you.

For dark circles, Concealer helps with light-reflecting pigments. The acts like a mirror and brightens shadows.

Second Getting help with fatigue provides cold water to the face . This promotes blood circulation, and the skin immediately feels fuller.