Your desired child is in your arms, mom’s biggest pride is finally here. The time after birth can still bring the first hurdles. Read here how the puerperium becomes a relaxed get-together for mom and baby.

Healing of birth injuries

If you had a caesarean section or were injured by the birth, you should take special care. The puerperium is not without reason puerperium. Here the newly minted mother is supposed to rest and heal her wounds. Let your husband, mother-in-law, midwife or girlfriend take care of you. Accept this help with a clear conscience, you have more than earned it after the hardships!

Cuddling time and proximity

The puerperium is also meant for mom and baby to get used to each other. This is called “bonding”. You can also put your baby in between times also simply times naked on your also bare belly. Not only your baby will enjoy the close body contact!

The right food

If you are breastfeeding, you need a particularly nutrient-rich diet. Because your body needs about 600 calories more a day! Be careful to avoid bulking or spicy foods. These can lead to flatulence or soreness in your offspring. But even if you bottle, you need good food to regain your strength. Leave your husband at the stove or ask your family to help you. Also, the delivery service can occasionally deliver (healthy) food. Sushi and Co. are finally allowed after the end of the pregnancy!

Baby blues and emotional chaos

A birth is an intense experience and the first time with baby can also overwhelm. That’s why some women suffer from baby blues shortly after birth. This is also due to the extreme hormone cocktail caused by the end of pregnancy and the beginning of milk production. Do not press yourself to be as happy as possible because your baby is here. Nobody will doubt that you love your baby with all your heart, but if you are permanently bad, you should consult a doctor.