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“Move more”, “eat healthy” … These messages are inviting each day a little more in our daily lives and try to challenge us. Still to put them into practice. A more sedentary population than ever, chronic diseases more and more frequent … The promotion of physical activity has become a major axis of public health.

Medical coaches?

Physical activity is beneficial from every point of view, both preventive and curative. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, doctors have made it their creed. To the point of becoming sports coaches the time of an appointment? Since 2016, they have been empowered to prescribe physical activity for their patients with long-term chronic disease (ALD) adapted to their state of health. However, the beneficial effects of sport in case of serious illness are insufficiently known to health professionals. They have few tools to help them conduct a targeted medical consultation and estimate the real risk associated with physical activity.

A guide to the HAS

Faced with this observation, the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) unveiled, in October 2018, a guide to accompany them in this approach … muscular. It offers various resources: general knowledge on physical activity and health impacts, conducted through a consultation, evaluation grids to measure the cardiovascular risk of patients, guidelines to help prescribe an activity for those affected. one of the following six conditions: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), stable coronary artery disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension (hypertension) and stroke.

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Sport, a therapeutic tool

The key is to go at your own pace, depending on your abilities and needs. The benefit-risk balance is largely in favor of sport. The doctor should target activities of daily life such as walking, cycling or stairs, which have the merit of being free and easily practicable. The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates ” 2:30 of activity intensity at least moderate per week “, divided into three to five sessions. A slight breathlessness and a bit of perspiration are a guarantee of optimal effort. Activity rhymes with regularity! To preserve the benefits, there is no question of making a break; two months of inactivity would make them disappear.

Go further…

With this first work, the HAS contributes to the implementation of the government policy to promote physical activity on prescription. The public authorities are currently working on defining a model to facilitate the development throughout France of this practice. The aim is to integrate them into coordinated health care programs, involving different actors in health and physical activity under the supervision of the attending physician. The HAS intends to continue its work and publish new standards for other situations: cancers, chronic heart failure, depression, the elderly and the pregnant woman. The publication of this work is scheduled for 2019.