Cabin 1 is busy. In the waiting room of the sperm bank Cryos International, red lights indicate in which of the three rooms a sperm donor is doing his job. At about three square feet, between porno books, TV and sink. When the men have dispensed their cups and the fee – about 25 euros – have plugged, brings a co-worker the sperm donation to the laboratory. Under the microscope, she estimates the number of sperm. From the container in which the seed is frozen, liquid nitrogen is evaporated. What men produce in the brick building in the Danish town of Aarhus is ordered by women from all over the world. Danish seed banks lead the global market of artificial insemination, Cryos is the largest according to founder Ole Schou (58).

Danes donors remain anonymous

The fact that many Danish men – like the hero of the movie comedy “Starbuck” (start: August 16) – have children all over the world is due to the liberal laws of their country. Unlike in Germany, here also singles and lesbian women are treated in fertility clinics. And unlike ours and in many other European countries, men in Denmark are allowed to donate anonymously, greatly increasing their willingness. But anonymity also means that children have no chance to get to know the donor. Many find this blank space painful in their biography. Ole Schou says: “Without us, the women would get the semen in a different way – and get some diseases. Or they were childless. “

More and more singles are ordering seeds

About half of the customers are couples where the man is infertile. Ten percent are lesbian couples, 40 percent single women. Their share is growing the most, says Schou. They all can choose between the blue-eyed, slender blond, the muscular dark-haired, and many others. Donor “Zellel” says he looks a bit like Matt Damon. There are economists, electricians, musicians. Cryos has 600 men in the database, most of them students. Cheap seeds are available from 40 Europro dose, for better quality pays up to 450 euros: This costs a donation with extra many, very mobile sperm, which increases the chances of pregnancy. There are also 169 euros for shipping in a nitrogen container. Before becoming head of the world’s largest seed bank, Schou studied economics. One night, there was a strange dream of frozen sperm.

Cum in mom’s ice cube tray

The picture did not let him go. He researched and experimented. Las at the university Fachartikelund put his own sperm in the sample of ice cubes of his mother. “She was quite angry and asked if I had gone crazy,” says Schou and laughs. Founded in 1987, Cryos (Greek for “ice cream”) initially started cycling through the pedestrian zone in search of donors. He hung posters, addressed men. Today it has 35 employees and delivers to 70 countries. But he never sold his own sperm, says the gaunt two-meter man with gray temples and grins. The quality is just not good enough.