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Tip 1 against winter bacon: Get out into the fresh air

Of course, it’s tempting to just linger on the couch in the cold temperatures with a warm blanket. However, that’s not all that good for the slim line. Because when we move a little, our body also burns fewer calories. This means that the gingerbread will deposit on our hips with full force. Therefore: scarf out, coat on and off to the fresh air! Autumn and winter also have their nice sides. Take a long walk and collect chestnuts or colorful leaves. So you get your circulation going and have nice souvenirs to decorate your home.

Tip 2 against winter bacon: The good, old sports program

Let’s be honest: we all know that sport is good for our bodies – and that, in addition to giving us a crunchy body. Exercise and endurance sports boost our circulation and ensure better blood circulation. Incidentally, this also has positive effects on our skin, which has a rosy and fresh effect.

Those who combine endurance sports with muscle building can even benefit twice: muscle tissue is responsible for making our body look firmer and feeling better, and muscles burn more fat than other types of tissue. This means: If you have a lot of Muckis, you may even occasionally reach into the cookie jar twice. However, you should be careful to use high-quality sports equipment , inferior products, the risk of injury is simply too high.

Tip 3 against winter bacon: Other delights

Enjoyment does not always have to be synonymous with sweet or fat foods. How about, for example, a long, hot bath and relaxing music? Or you can light fragrant scented candles and enjoy a few minutes break with a good book. Maybe enjoyment is something completely different for you, then make it your substitute for sweets, such as a visit to the sauna or an extended massage. Whatever it may be, you should prefer to put it in the bag of chips, as it sooner or later guarantees that you will gain weight.

Incidentally, there is evidence that relaxation helps us eat healthier and have fewer food cravings. Yet another reason for us to take a break now and then.

Tip 4 against winter bacon: Put on spices

Did you know that certain spices and odors can help you stay slim? The reason is plausible: Our hunger center, which is located in the brain, is connected to our olfactory center. This circumstance can be exploited: very specific odors that we receive via our olfactory center send a saturation signal to our brain. The result: we have less appetite. Either general or certain foods. The scent of vanilla, especially as highly concentrated vanilla oil, may help us to have less appetite for sweets. It is best to drip a few drops on a cloth and sniff it when you get hungry.

Incidentally, cocoa oil and jasmine are also similar. Peppermint oil is said to help stimulate the appetite for healthy food. This is also very desirable if you want to protect yourself from flab.

Tip 5 against winter bacon: Nibble consciously

Presumably, you will not go through the entire pre-Christmas period, without nibbling every now and then – that would be inhumane. After all, the Christmas treats and one or the other visit to the Christmas market for winter and then you should also enjoy it. In this case, you should do it consciously. So do not just eat your waffle with hot cherries in between, but focus on it and enjoy it consciously and, above all, eat slowly. You will see that you will be less nibbling.

Tip 6 against winter bacon: Sleep well

In autumn and winter our body has an increased need for rest and sleep anyway. If you want to stay slim , you should treat it to it – and for several reasons. For those who sleep too little over a longer period of time signal to their bodies that hard times are imminent or that they are already in them. The result: Energy must come, after all, the body must cope with the increased demands. And the energy comes naturally from the food. The problem: lack of sleep does not tell us if we really need more energy. However, our body assumes and sends appropriate signals to our hunger center.

In addition, the sleep rhythm also seems to play a role. Early risers consume more than 200 calories less a day than late risers. The reasons for this have not yet been finally clarified. By the way, very long sleep does not mean that you automatically lose weight. Those who spend too much of their time burn less energy than their contemporaries, who sleep only 8 hours.
In short, when sleeping, as with most other things, a healthy mediocrity is usually a good way – also to prevent winter bacon.